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Stage Setup Rider

This page lists the technical requirements for Clint's solo stage shows.

Clint Goss Solo Show

Clint controls all his effects from stage. His setup provides two line-level, balanced feeds on two XLR (male) cables for left and right outputs. The house system will need to provide amplification for main and auxiliary speakers, as well as routing back to an on-stage monitor.

Note that, the left and right XLR outputs are line level, and do not need to be routed through a mic preamp. If the only channels available are thorough a mixer channel with a dedicated preamp, some method of padding or attenuating that signal may be needed.

Equipment used on stage and provided by Clint: two microphones, loop pedal, mixer, effects unit, cables, and power connections.

Items needed to be supplied on stage:

• 2x large boom microphone stands

• 1x floor monitor wedge speaker

• 2x XLR (female) connections for receiving the left and right feeds from Clint's system, within 12 feet of the performance location.

• 4x power receptacles, 3-prong grounded US standard, 110-120 volt, at the performance location. This can be a standard 6-plug "power strip". Clint's equipment draws a total of no more than 3 Amps.

• 1x High stool with no armrests

• 1x Music stand - adjustable height, solid back, capable of being tilted. This is very important! The mixer and other components are placed on this music stand.

• 3x weights or sandbags to stabilize the music stand and boom microphones.

• 1x Side table approx 2.5 x 2.5 feet or larger and 2.5 to 3.5 feet high, covered in black cloth.

• One sound engineer for set-up, sound check, and the show.

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