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A Bill of Musical Rights

Native Flute Playshops are fundamentally based on this Bill of Musical Rights developed by David Darling and the Music for People organization:

  • Human beings need to express themselves daily in a way that invites physical and emotional release.

  • Musical self-expression is a joyful and healthy means of communication available to absolutely everyone.

  • There are as many different ways to make music as there are people.

  • The human voice is the most natural and powerful vehicle for musical self-expression. The differences in our voices add richness and depth to music.

  • Sincerely expressed emotion is at the root of meaningful musical expression.

  • Your music is more authentically expressed when your body is involved in your musical expression.

  • The European tradition of music is only one sound. All other cultures and traditions deserve equal attention.

  • Any combination of people and instruments can make music together.

  • There are no “unmusical” people, only those with no musical experience.

  • Music improvisation is a unique and positive way to build skills for life-expression.

  • In improvisation as in life, we must be responsible for the vibrations we send one another.





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