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Press Photos - Field Recording

The images on this page are all medium-size JPG images with a maximum of 800 pixels in the longest dimension. Click on any image to retrieve the full-resolution master image, which range up to 6 megabytes in size.

The ID and photo credit information are provided below each image.

See Press Photos of Clint Goss and Vera Shanov for additional related press photos.

Field Recording in Costa Rica


ID: ClintGoss_FieldRecording1; Photo credit: Vera Shanov; Date: 4/21/2008; Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Full-size image: 1944 × 2592 pixels; 4.48MB

Field Recording in Grand Teton National Park


ID: ClintGoss_FieldRecordingBison; Photo credit: Vera Shanov; Date: 5/15/2011; Grand Teton National Park

Full-size image: 2244 × 3143 pixels; 7.73MB



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