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Press Photos — Field Recording

The images on this page are all medium-size JPG images with a maximum of 800 pixels in the longest dimension. Click on any image to retrieve the full-resolution master image, which range up to 6 megabytes in size.

The ID and photo credit information are provided below each image.

For additional related photos, see:

Field Recording in Costa Rica


ID: ClintGoss_FieldRecording1; Photo credit: Vera Shanov; Date: 4/21/2008; Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Full-size image: 1944 × 2592 pixels; 4.48MB

Field Recording in Grand Teton National Park


ID: ClintGoss_FieldRecordingBison; Photo credit: Vera Shanov; Date: 5/15/2011; Grand Teton National Park

Full-size image: 2244 × 3143 pixels; 7.73MB



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