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Ron Kravitz - Bio and Press Photos


Artist Bio

Percussionist Ron Kravitz began playing music in the early 70's. Over the years he has been inspired by, as well as having had performed with such notables as Grammy Award winning artists David Darling, Bobby McFerrin, Babatunde Olatunji, Paul Winter, Glen Velez and others. Added to his accomplishments are the recording of two CD's ... HANG MEDITATIONS & WINTER SONG.

He is the creator of the Music in the Moment improvisational workshops for everyone, hosts weekly community drum circles Drum For Change, is long time percussionist for the Group Motion dance improvisation workshop in Philly, sheperded the Swiss-made PANArt HANG to many players in the USA and, last but not least, is producer of Underground At Ron's, a performance venue that showcases the talents of local, regional and international artists from a variety of creative domains.

Press Photos

Images on this page are all medium-size JPG images with a maximum of 800 pixels in the longest dimension. Click on any image to retrieve the full-resolution master image, which range up to 6 megabytes in size.

The ID and photo credit information (where available) are provided below each image.


ID: RonKravitz_Hang

Full-size image: 1944 × 2592 pixels; 2.82MB


ID: RonKravitz_DjunShruti

Full-size image: 1944 × 2592 pixels; 3.16MB


ID: RonKravitz_Instruments1; Photo credit: Jessica Kourkounis

Full-size image: 800 × 533 pixels; 245KB


ID: RonKravitz_ClintGoss_Duet; Photo credit: Vera Shanov

Full-size image: 2592 × 1613 pixels; 2.89MB


ID: RonKravitz_ClintGoss_EricMiller; Photo credit: Ron Greenberg

Full-size image: 4368 × 2912 pixels; 7.45MB




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