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Handouts from the Native Rhythms Festival 2009

Here are links to the handout materials for the Playshop at the Native Rhythms Festival 2009 in Melbourne, Florida. Each of the links below is to an Adobe PDF file.

Please feel free to distribute these for non-commercial purposes at flute circles and gatherings that you may have. In addition, check out A Room Full of Flute Players - my thoughts on facilitation of Native Flute groups.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me - Clint Goss <clint@goss.com>


Article on carrying your flute playing home from a workshop

Nudge Nudge ... article reprint from INAFA 2008


Audio from The Listening Book

Audio tracks for on-line listening are available at The Listening Book web site, including the Steps and Leaps track.


Instructional Handouts

Flute Nursery Rhymes

Flute Poetry

Playing in Major

Playing in Mode 4

Basic and Exotic Scales

Technique Exercises


Sheet Music

Amazing Grace

Earth My Body



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