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Affirmative Action
AA Advisory Services

Affirmative Action Advisory Services (AAAS) Desk has been established with the mission to: "promote full participation of all Namibians in the advancement of society, in partnership with the private sector, by eliminating existing inequalities and redressing the deficits that resulted from previous policies, practices or traditions".

AA Advisory Services

  • Presentations on affirmative action and diversity
  • Presentations on Affirmative Action Act 29 of 1998
  • Clearinghouse of information and resources
  • Responding to general inquiries
  • Intensive support programme
  • Packaged training programmes
  • Affirmative Action Audits
  • Study tours
  • Research projects (related)
  • Affirmative Action Advocacy
  • Establishment of Monitoring Mechanism (new development)


Affirmative Action in Namibia affects across the whole society. It influences, and is influenced by, economic growth and prosperity, the demand for employment, as well as policies related to education, training, small business development and regional development.

The AAAS Desk will pursue its mission through the following goals:

  • To change the mind-sets of private sector and parastatal employers and stakeholders at all levels (e.g. senior management, boards, supervisors) and promote private sector and parastatal who see affirmative action as more than a minimalist response to legal compliance by recognising the competitive advantages of diversity.
  • To document the struggles and successes of private sector employers in Namibia so that others can learn from these experiences and that an effective Namibian model can be designed.
  • To broaden the pool of resources in Namibia in human resources development expertise and the introduction of diversity and affirmative action change processes within private sector firms.
  • To facilitate processes of change within private sector firms which affect every aspect fo a firm’s operation and the organisational culture of business.
  • To respond to, and lead chamber members in the field of affirmative action by promoting and advocating for mandates regarding affirmative action which come from the chamber. Such mandates should promote social responsibility for affirmative action amongst chamber members and ensure affirmative action issues and agendas are integrated throughout the chamber structure and its operational procedures.

The AAAS Desk will pursue these goals through the following objectives:

  • Awareness raising: To create an awareness of the positive contribution that affirmative action can have in the workplace and as an important ingredient to sound business practice.
  • Practical support: To provide practical advice, support, training and assistance to enhance the design and implementation of effective affirmative action policies and strategies and to facilitate the process of organisational transformation.
  • Capacity building: To build and strengthen the capacity of the private sector in Namibia to design and implement effective affirmative action policies and strategies.
  • Advocacy: To promote and advocate for standards in affirmative action that reflect the practical demands of equity and productivity.
  • Monitoring: To monitor and promote the progress and effectiveness of affirmative action.

There are, however, some significant beneficiaries of affirmative action in Namibia and the AAAS Desk aims to promote policies and strategies which will benefit these groups. The AAAS Desk will deliver its services to the following target groups, listed in order of priority:

Target Groups

  • Members of the NCCI:These firms represent the primary target group of the AAAS Desk and as such, they shall be given priority over all other organisations.
  • Other private sector and parastatal employers: The AAAS Desk shall give priority to private sector and parastatal employers over those employing agencies of the public sector. It is believed that private sector and parastatal employers have a particular set of needs, interests, problems and concerns that the AAAS Desk can address.
  • Government agencies:The AAAS Desk shall work with government agencies to promote the design and implementation of a sound legislative, regulatory and policy environment for affirmative action.
  • Trade unions:The AAAS Desk recognises the value of a tripartite approach to affirmative action and, therefore, shall work with trade unions to facilitate the implementation of affirmative action in the workplace.
  • Community-based and non-governmental organisations:The AAAS Desk recognises the important role that CBOs and NGOs can play in changing community attitudes as well as in the design and delivery of valuable programmes and services. Therefore, the AAAS Desk will work with these organisations to ensure that effective linkages are established and maintained.
  • Education and training institutions: Overcoming many years of policies that were based on racism and sexism will take a long time and requires specific action to redress the educational and experiential deficits that Namibia now faces. The AAAS Desk will, therefore, consider ways in which the capacity and productivity of the labour market can be enhanced.

AA Publications & Productions

  • Employers Guide to Affirmative Action in Namibia
  • Affirmative Action Newsletter
  • Affirmative Action (Employment) Act 29 of 1998 (GRN)
  • Affirmative Action Act Regulations of 1999 (GRN)
  • Still In Production:

AA Act Guides: a) Volume 1 - Basic Compliance Guide (in production)
AA Act Guides: b) Volume 2 - Good Models and Processes (in production)
AA Video Production: " Striving for a better Future" (in production)

AA Events

  • Conferences/Seminars/Workshops
  • Annual Affirmative Action Awards Scheme (new)

Useful Addresses

Consultant: Affirmative Action
NCCI Head Office
PO Box 9355, Windhoek, Tel: +264-61-228809; Fax: +264-61-228009, E-mail: ncci@iafrica.com.na
Labour Commissioner
Ministry of Labour
Private Bag 19005, Windhoek, Tel: +264-61-212309, Fax: +264-61-212334
Employment EquityCommissioner
Ministry of Labour
Private Bag 19005, Windhoek, Tel: +264-61-210049, F

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