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NCCI Glossary
AAAS Affirmative Action Advisory Services.
Website is here.
AGOA African Growth and Opportunities Act. An act by the US allowing duty-free import of good into the United States for many products produced in Southern Africa.
Website at www.agoa.gov
ANM Association of Namibian Manufacturers.
CCF Cheetah Conservation Fund.
Website at www.cheetah.org
CMA Common Monetary Area.
COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa.
Website at www.comesa.int
DBSA Development Bank of Southern Africa.
Website at www.dbsa.org
EPZ Export Processing Zone.
FDI Foreign Direct Investment.
FTA Free Trade Area.
See SADC Trade Protocol.
GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services.
See WTO Agreement.
GATT General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade.
See WTO Agreement.
GTN Global Technology Network.
Website at www.usgtn.org
IESC International Executive Service Corp.
Website at www.iesc.org
IMF International Monetary Fund.
IMLT Institute for Management and Leadership Training.
Website at www.imlt.org.na
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.
Websites at www.ipanet.net and privatizationlink.ipanet.net
MMIU Mahangu Marketing Intelligence Unit.
NCCI Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Website is here.
NDF Namibian Development Fund.
NTB Non-Tarriff Barrier.
See SADC Trade Protocol.
SACU Southern African Customs Union.
See SACU Agreement.
SADC Southern African Development Community.
Website at www.sadc.org
SLR Success Likelihood Rating.
SME Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
TRIPS Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.
See WTO Agreement.
UNAM University of Namibia.
WHO World Health Organization.
Website at www.who.int
WTO World Trade Organization.
See WTO Agreement.

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