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Namibia - Key Industries

This page provides information on Namibia's key industrial sectors.

Agriculture Sector

Contributes 8% to the country’s GDP. Responsible for 6% of country’s merchandised exports. Employ’s about 25% of the country’s labour force. Main products:cattle and sheep (livestock), maize wheat and millet Major markets for merchandise exports: European Market, South Africa

Useful addresses:

  • Namibia Agricultural Union
    Private Bag 13255 Windhoek
    Tel: 237838; Fax: 220193

  • AgriBank of Namibia
    Private Bag 13208, Windhoek
    Tel: 238540; Fax: 222665

  • Agra
    Private Bag 12011, Windhoek
    Tel: 2909111; Fax: 2909277

  • Namibia Agronomic Board
    PO Box 5096, Windhoek
    Tel: 224741; Fax: 225371

  • Namibian Meat Board
    PO Box 38, Windhoek
    Tel: 233180/1; Fax: 228310

  • Namibian Karakul Board
    Private Bag 13300, Windhoek
    Tel: 237750; Fax: 236322

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development
    Private Bag 13184, Windhoek
    Tel: 2029111; Fax: 221733
Mining Sector

Contributes 14% to the country’s GDP. Responsible for 58% of country’s merchandised exports. Employ’s about 4.3% of the country’s labour force. Main mineral products:diamonds, uranium, copper, lead, zinc, silver and gold.

Useful addresses:

  • Chamber of Mines of Namibia
    PO Box 2895
    Tel: 237925; Fax: 222638

  • Namibia National Small Miners Association
    PO Box 7289
    Tel: 231088; Fax: 231188

  • Ministry of Mines and Energy
    Private Bag 13297
    Tel: 226571; Fax: 238643
Tourism Sector

Contributes 7% to the country’s GDP. Tourist are mostly from South Africa (37%), Angola (32%), Europe (20%, mainly from Germany) and remainder of SADC Countries and North America.

Useful addresses:

  • Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations
    PO Box 2058, Windhoek
    Tel: 217454; Fax: 217454

  • Hotel Association of Namibia
    PO Box 2862, Windhoek
    Tel: 233145; Fax: 234512

  • Association of Namibia Travel Agents
    PO Box 31075, Windhoek
    Tel: 226102; Fax: 226103

  • Namibia Community-based Tourism Association
    PO Box 86099, Windhoek
    Tel: 250558; Fax: 222647

  • Ministry of Environment and Tourism
    Private Bag 13306, Windhoek
    Tel: 2842111; Fax: 2842364
Fishing Sector

Contributes 7 % to the country’s GDP. Responsible for 25% of country’s merchandised exports. Employ’s about 0.4 % of the country’s labour force. Main species exploited: pilchard, hake, horse mackerel, rock lobster, monk fish, sole, snoek, tuna, orange roughy and alphonsino. Major markets for merchandise exports: European Market, South Africa, Zimbabwe.

Useful addresses:

  • Walvis Bay Council of NCCI
    PO Box 294, Walvis Bay
    Tel: 205578; Fax: 205580

  • Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
    Private Bag 13355, Windhoek
    Tel: 2053911; Fax: 224566
Manufacturing Sector

Contributes 14% to the country’s GDP.

Incentives for manufacturing enterprises:

  • 50% tax abatement for five years, phased out over a further ten years on a straight-line basis.

  • Accelerated depreciation on factory buildings, which can be written off over ten years.

  • Export promotion costs deductible at 125% to 175%.

  • Training costs deductible at 125%.

  • Direct production wages deductible at 125%.

  • Industrial studies available at 50% of cost.

  • Cash grants of 50% of approved export promotion expenses.

  • New investment or relocation package

Incentives for Exporters of Manufactured Goods:

  • Grants an 80% allowance on taxable income derived from the export of manufactured goods (except for fish and meat products)

Useful addresses:

  • Namibia Investment Centre Offshore Development Company
    Private Bag 13340, Windhoek
    Tel: 2837335; Fax: 220278

  • Ministry of Trade and Industry Investment Centre
    Private Bag 13340, Windhoek
    Tel: 2837111; Fax: 220227

  • Ministry of Finance
    Private Bag 13295, Windhoek
    Tel: 2099111; 236454
Financial Services Sector

Inflation rate is about 6%. Namibia’s membership of the Common Monetary Area sets the framework for foreign exchange controls in Namibia. No restrictions on inward investment and profits may be fully repatriated.

Interests rates are coming down, influenced by price developments in South Africa. Regulatory framework for this sector is prescribeb by the Bank of Namibia Act and the Banking Institutions Act.

Useful addresses:

  • Bank Windhoek
    PO Box 15, Windhoek
    Tel: 2991122; Fax: 2991285

  • Bank of Namibia (Central Bank)
    PO Box 2882, Windhoek
    Tel: 226401; Fax: 227649

  • First National Bank
    PO Box 195, Windhoek
    Tel: 229616; Fax: 225607

  • Standard Bank
    PO Box 3327, Windhoek
    Tel: 2949111; Fax: 2942369

  • Commercial Bank of Namibia
    PO Box 1, Windhoek
    Tel: 2959111; Fax: 224417

    PO Box 2150, Windhoek
    Tel: 225911; Fax: 224189

  • Namib Building Society
    PO Box 23072, Windhoek
    Tel: 229761; Fax: 229761

  • City Savings and Investment Bank
    PO Box 63, Windhoek
    Tel: 221262; Fax: 221555

  • Clearing Bankers Association
    PO Box 21604, Windhoek
    Tel: 2942400; Fax: 2942409

  • Namibian Stock Exchange (NSE)
    PO Box 2401, Windhoek
    Tel: 227647; Fax: 248531

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