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Clint Goss

Clint began playing the clarinet 30 years ago. His encounter with a Native American flute made by Kai Mayberger of White Raven Drums re-connected him with music. In 1997, Clint and his wife Vera travelled to Zimbabwe on a technical assistance project, and were infused with the music that is ever-present in that culture. The musical landscape broadened and Clint began jamming on the African Kalimba. Since then, Clint and Vera have undertaken extended projects and trips in Calcutta, Tokyo, Zimbabwe, Bulgaria, Namibia, South Africa, Moscow, Kenya, Egypt, Jordan, and China. Each trip has widened the musical universe and brought more sounds into the mix.

Infused with the core philosophy of improvisation from the Native Flute culture, Clint connected with the Music for People organization led by Grammy nominee David Darling. He has studied music facilitation with them for the past three years, and plans to complete the full four-year Music Leadership Program in June 2007.

In addition to Native American Flutes, Clint now performs on Indian Bansuri, African Kalimba, Slovakian Fujara, Indian Shruti box and Tamboura, Swiss Hang, and a variety of world percussion instruments including African Djembe and Udu. His improvised performances weave rhythms and melodies from many musical heritages to create music that is deeply respectful of the cultures that created the instruments he plays.

Clint's first commercial CD release, SpiritGrass, is due out in September 2006.

Last updated: August 9, 2006