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Vision, Mission, and Values


All children have access to a living environment that is safe, healthy, loving and nurturing.


The Mission of the Children's Village of Arizona is: To provide opportunities for children to live in stable, healthy family environments where siblings can remain together and the healthy growth and development of children is supported and nurtured.


Children's Village of Arizona is being developed with a foundation of strong values. Inherent in the values is the belief that all children benefit from a family environment that resembles as closely as possible the natural home environment with siblings, parents, and the intra-family rules and boundaries common to families everywhere. The Children's Village of Arizona operates with the following values that guide the day-to- day-operations as well as the overall management of the Village.

Safe, Healthy and Nurturing Environment — Children's Village of Arizona provides an environment that children and youth can depend upon to be safe, healthy and nurturing.

Home-Like Environment — Every Children's Village home looks and operates as the child's permanent home for as long as they are in foster care, not as a temporary placement.

Stable — Children's Village provides children and youth with a sense of permanency and belonging to the family group and to the community.

Siblings — Children's Village believes that siblings of all ages and needs belong together and benefit most when living in a family setting.

Integration with Community — Children's Village believes that children and youth thrive and develop into adults who can reach their optimum potential when services are provided through and connections are made with natural community support settings such as schools, recreation areas, churches and civic organizations.

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