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Operational Goals

Goals & Objectives Goals

The overall goal of the Children's Village of Arizona is to provide permanent homes for 60 to 80 children in Maricopa County by December 2008. This will be accomplished through the establishment of one Village comprised of 10 homes and a community center as well as establishment of an administrative office and functions. Implementation will be phased in as follows:

Phase I: Four (4) homes operational by December 2005

Phase II: Four (4) homes operational by December 2006

Phase III: Two (2) homes operational by December 2007

Operational Goal I: The Children's Village of Arizona will be known as a quality, viable family living environment for children who are unable to return to their birth parents.

Objective A: By August 2002, establish a Steering Committee and Subcommittees to implement the objectives stated in this plan.

Action Steps:

  1. Establish the following Committees
    • Fundraising & Marketing
    • Liaisons with Federal, State and Local Officials
    • Volunteer Coordination
    • Operations & Planning
    • Land Acquisition
    • Steering Committee
  2. Define communication and decision making processes
  3. Publish a calendar of meetings

Objective B: By September 2002, develop and implement a marketing / public relations / fundraising program to raise the awareness about the Children's Village of Arizona and begin the fundraising process.

Action Steps:

  1. Hire or contract for the services of a Development Director
  2. Establish Quarterly Goals for Fundraising
  3. Include in the marketing/fund raising plan:
    • Strategies for securing donated land
    • Strategies for raising funds to purchase land & existing homes
    • Strategies for securing the design by the College of Architecture at ASU
    • Strategies for securing donated construction and materials
    • Options for obtaining operating funds: donations and grants

Objective C: By October 2002, implement a public relations strategy to educate 1) the customer agencies and 2) the public about the Children's Village of Arizona.

Action Steps:

  1. Meet with the key agencies and individuals in the public sector to provide information about the Children's Village of Arizona and seek their ideas about the overall program design
  2. Create a volunteer Speakers' Bureau to communicate the Children's Village of Arizona message to corporations, schools, and relative local government agencies and to the general public
  3. Establish media contacts for radio, television and newspapers to promote the Children's Village of Arizona
  4. Hire a video production company to create a promotional video to communicate the Children's Village of Arizona message
  5. Write and produce Public Service Announcements to be aired on radio and television

Operational Goal II: By June 2005, the site for the first Children's Village of Arizona will be established.

Objective A: By June 2003, determine land requirements and options for location in Maricopa County.

Action Steps:

  1. Research local ordinances regarding site requirements and zoning
  2. Develop the pros and cons of a metropolitan location versus a rural location
  3. Make contact with appropriate parties for a donation or sale of land
  4. Identify options for location
  5. Determine potential cost for land and homes
  6. Determine what permits are required at each optional site

Objective B: By September 2003, raise $3 million for the purchase of land and/or building and ongoing operating funds.

Action Steps:

  1. Form a fundraising committee
  2. Hire a grant writer with the necessary credentials to write grants to obtain start up and ongoing operational costs
  3. Establish a committee, knowledgeable with local government regulations, to assist in obtaining and administering available state funds

Objective C: By September 2003, meet with neighbors, schools and local agencies who will have contact with the Children's Village of Arizona to provide information and establish communication within the immediate community.

Action Steps:

  1. Meet with local community leaders
  2. Meet with neighbors to discuss the plans
  3. Hold a neighborhood open house
  4. Meet with local educators to introduce the Children's Village of Arizona and establish process for ongoing communication

Objective D: By December 2003, finalize site selection and purchase/acquisition of land.

Action Steps:

  1. Obtain financing for land purchase and complete the transaction
  2. Identify options for donation of building design and construction or a combination of donation and purchasing
  3. Conduct review with local government officials regarding zoning, permits, etc.
  4. Enter into agreements for design and construction

Objective E: By June 2004, complete architecture and engineering plans and obtain the required permits.

Action Steps:

  1. Hire the architectural firm
  2. Review draft plans
  3. Provide overview of the plans for local government officials and community leaders.
  4. Finalize Plans
  5. Apply for and obtain permits

Objective F: By June 2005, complete building, furnishing and establishment of four homes and the community center / administrative offices.

Action Steps:

  1. Coordinate activities with the contractor
  2. Monitor construction
  3. Seek donations for or purchase furnishings for the first four homes and community center / administrative offices

Operational Goal III: By December 2005, open the first phase (four homes) of the Children's Village of Arizona.

Objective A: By October 2002, review the options for licensure and select the appropriate licensure status for the Children's Village of Arizona.

Action Steps:

  1. Analyze Arizona's Child Welfare Laws, Licensing Requirements, etc.
  2. Analyze Arizona's Foster Care Program
  3. Determine and establish contact with the appropriate government departments to discuss licensing options
  4. Assess the current environment based on state program directions, trends in foster care and current gaps in services and programs for youth

Objective B: By January 2003, develop the detailed budget for three years and establish the financial and accounting methods according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Action Steps:

  1. Establish a fiscal budget for the first three years of operation that reflects the licensing decision.
  2. Estimate a projected cash flow and financial statements for the first three years of operation
  3. Set up financial and bookkeeping methods according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  4. Hire or appoint volunteers to staff the Children's Village of Arizona office to carry on the day-to-day operations.
  5. Establish employee and volunteer procedures and policies

Objective C: By March 2005, develop a policies and procedures manual and staff training program.

Action Steps:

  1. Review licensing, contracting and accreditation requirements.
  2. Prepare draft of key sections such as:
    • Personnel
    • Treatment
    • Operations
    • Volunteer functions
  3. Identify and finalize other needed policies
  4. Review with management staff as they are hired

Objective D: By May 2005, secure contracts with the appropriate state and local agencies for referrals to the Children's Village of Arizona.

Action Steps:

  1. Determine the procurement process, timelines and requirements for securing a contract for referrals for placement
  2. Respond to the Request for Proposals issued by the state agency
  3. Complete contract negotiations
  4. Finalize the referral process
  5. Meet with local agency officials to provide information about the Children's Village of Arizona to facilitate the process of receiving referrals from local caseworkers

Objective E: By December 2005, obtain Arizona licensure for the Children's Village of Arizona.

Action Steps:

  1. Review all licensing requirements
  2. Meet with state licensing officials to review and confirm the requirements
  3. Conduct a pre-licensure review to ensure all requirements can be met
  4. Prepare and confirm the availability of documentation requirements
  5. Confirm that staff meet the licensing requirements
  6. Review and confirm the facility meets the licensing requirements
  7. Submit the application for licensure

Objective F: By September 2005, hire and train administrative staff.

Action Steps:

  1. Finalize job descriptions ensuring consistency with Arizona requirements
  2. Advertise and hire Executive Director January 2004
  3. Advertise and hire Human Resources Director, Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator June 2005
  4. Hire support staff September 2005
  5. Provide orientation to the Children's Village of Arizona
  6. Provide training

Objective G: By September 2005, implement a program volunteer recruitment and training program.

Action Steps:

  1. Seek input from other SOS Children's Villages
  2. Define role of volunteers
  3. Identify licensing and other regulatory requirements regarding volunteers
  4. Identify existing volunteer training programs and determine if they can be accessed
  5. Develop training curriculum

Objective H: By October 2005, hire and train four qualified Children's Village of Arizona Parents.

Action Steps:

  1. Implement foster parent recruitment program coordinating activities with the KIDS Consortium
  2. Define training program or identify existing programs that can provide training for the Children's Village Parents
    • Children's Village of Arizona Orientation and requirements
    • Foster Parent / Group Home required training may be provided directly or may be accessed through existing agencies

Objective I: By October 2005, establish referral relationships and / or contracts for support services.

Action Steps:

  1. Meet with local Department of Economic Security staff
  2. Meet with local behavioral health providers and learn the protocols for accessing services
  3. Explore options for provision of independent living services

Operational Goal IV: Provide 60 to 80 youth with a stable, safe, healthy living environment at the Children's Village of Arizona.

Objective A: By December 2006, open the second phase four additional homes of the Children's Village of Arizona.

Objective B: By December 2007, open the final phase two additional homes of the Children's Village of Arizona.

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